3D cameras

3D cameras on the bending machine

  • The patented invention, entitled “The Application of the 3D cameras to the profile bending process on the bending machine with three and four rollers”, was awarded with the Gold medal by World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in 2019.For the present invention, the Patent has been granted for the following territories: US, Germany, Switzerland, France, England, Italy, Turkey, Spain and China, and the Patent has been granted to European and Eurasian territories.
  • The bending machine for aluminium and PVC profiles with three rollers is equipped with two controlling 3D cameras which monitor, manage and control the profile bending process. The bending machine is equipped with safety 3D camera which automatically halts the bending process when there is an obstacle in the area around the machine and rollers. NEW PATENT
  • The bending machine is equipped with innovative and the most advanced 3D bending process controlling system in the world. 3D system comprises of the computer and high precision controlling and safety cameras. 3D cameras provide three dimensional view of the bending process where each point of interest on the machine and on the profile is defined in space and dimensionally. Superior monitoring and control of the bending process provide unlimited possibilities during the production of the complex arches with two and three radii.
  • The bending machine together with the high precision 3D controlling cameras provide automated adjustment of the profile bending process depending on the material type and arch dimensions. 3D cameras measure the position of the profile in all three axles as well as the position of all the points and objects of interest in the area around the machine. The application of the 3D cameras implements controlled management, regulation of control and correction of the automatic bending process where the initial profile bending process is adjusted if it is not performed according to the preset schedule, with the goal of having the arch bent to predetermined angle radius or diameter when the controlled bending process is completed.
  • The bending machine is equipped with the powerful computer system which controls the profile bending process using the most advanced algorithms. The application of the 3D cameras implements the feedback loop which provide real time information to the computer regarding the profile being bent on the machine, in the manner of the current measured state which is being compared by the computer with the expected i.e. preset values.
  • Apart from 3D cameras, the bending machine is equipped with the laser device for detecting middle point of the arch which detects the middle point of the arch with millimeter precision, thus eliminating the middle point side shifting error. The application of the laser device on the bending machine provides absolute symmetry between the left and right side of the arch. Other machines and bending methods do not have and do not apply laser device of detecting the middle point of the arch.