Bending services for Aluminium and PVC profiles

Bending service for Aluminium and PVC profiles

Our company offers high quality bending services for aluminium and PVC profiles produced by any of the renowned profile producers in the world. This is made possible thanks to having over 1.500 tools used for bending more than 150 profile systems of different aluminium and PVC profile manufacturers.

If we do not have appropriate tools for your profiles we can always produce them. If you would like to get specific offer for service bending of your profiles, you will have to send us arch drawings and catalog cross section drawings of the profiles you would like to bend. We will send you our offer as soon as possible.

If it is a large quantity of arches we will most certainly give you the best possible price! We can send bent arches to your address, anywhere in the world.



Bending possibilities

  • Minimum bending radius for certain profiles ranges from 150 to 200 mm
  • Bending PVC profiles with steel reinforcement
  • Bending unlimited length of Aluminium and PVC profiles
  • Unlimited maximum radius of a bent arch
  • Bending aluminium and PVC profiles in all four directions
  • Bending profiles with original protective foil
  • Bending PVC profiles with steel reinforcement is possible only with arches with straight parts longer than 250 mm
  • Bending PVC profiles without steel reinforcement
  • Bending aluminium profiles with and without thermal brake
  • Bending aluminium curtain wall profiles
  • Bending coated, anodized, laminated and colored profiles
  • Bending profiles with chambers reinforced with glass fibers
  • Bending industrial AL and steel profiles, maximum dimensions 80 x 80 mm, wall thickness 4 mm




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