Training for the bending machine

All our machines come with a three-day training session for your operators in our facilities, free of charge.
During the training your operators are introduced to the machine software and profile preparation procedure for bending.
It is utterly important that your operators are trained for operating our machine.
During the training your operators will bend profiles and learn basic concepts of the machine operation.
The first day is for the operators to get familiar with the bending technology and profile preparation procedure prior to the bending.
The second and third days are for the profile bending where specific situations regarding the profile bending process are explained to the operators.
The training is performed with your machine exclusively and usually with your tools which you pre ordered.
When the training is completed, the machine and tools are suitably packed and sent to the Buyer's facilities.
You can send profiles for training prior to the training or, if possible, you can bring them with you when you come for the training.
We can also supply the profiles for the training for you. During the training approximately 15-25 profiles are bent.

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