The owner of our company wins the WIPO award


The director and the owner of our company, Mr. Uros Turanjanin, won the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) award.

In the category of inventor or group of inventors for the patent, the first place went to the patented invention entitled: “The Application of the 3D cameras to the profile bending process on the bending machine with three and four rollers”. For the present invention, the Patent has been granted for the following territories: Germany, Switzerland, France, England, Italy, Turkey, Spain and China, and the Patent has been granted to European and Eurasian territories. We are also expecting aproval for the Patent in the US soon for mentioned invention.

On the most advanced bending machine model TIM-MACHINE CNC 3D 3 in 1 controlled by 3D cameras and by artificial intelligence, this invention has significantly advanced technologically, thereby enabling automatic control of the bending process, which ensures the precision of profile bending and the bending process safety on the machine.

“All my inventions to date have provided to my company the leading position in both the domestic and foreign markets, and most importantly, this invention has found its way to end-users in practical application through use.
With this invention, we have brought to the world market a state-of-the-art fourth generation of smart machine, and the importance of getting the patent approval is priceless to both the individuals as well as for the company.
„I will strive to give with my new patents a greater contribution to the world of technology”, said Uros Turanjanin about the importance of Patent approval and about the importance of his award-winning invention.

Source: TIM-ING Centar d.o.o.


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