TIM-ING Centar on cover of EKONOMETAR magazine

Our CEO Uroš Turanjanin made it to cover of EKONOMETAR magazine
Training for bending machine in Slovakia

New clients from Hungary

The training for Slovakian client has been held
Training for bending USA

Training for bending in New York

Our experts held the 3-days training in United States of America, New York for a work on our Bending machine TIM-MACHINE CNC 3D 3 in 1.

Another training for customers from Kazakhstan

In the past few days, in the premises of our company, we hosted partners and buyers of the machine from another company from Kazakhstan.

The training for clients from Bosnia and Herzegovina successfully held

A group of 7 experts from the company from Bosnia and Herzegovina - the buyer of the TIM-MACHINE CNC 3D 3 in 1, stayed in our company for the training to work on the machine.