Macchine usate


Dimensions: 1650 x 1100 x 1270 mm

Engine power 1: 4 kW/ 35/min-1

Engine power 2: 1.5 kW/ 9/min-1

Voltage: 380 V / 50 Hz

Weight: 750 kg

Production year: 2010

Price of the machine: 18.000 EUR


The machine has two propulsive rollers only:

- The third propulsive roller is possible to install, and it will be additionally charged


The following new components are installed into the machine:

- New metal sheets for the machine and metal sheets painting
- New electrical box with electrical components
- New bearings for the machine
- New wheels for the machine
- New sliding plats and new sliders on the machine
- New 3 axles on the machine
- New heating devices for heating PVC profiles (2 pieces)
- New inverters for X axes

Number of workers needed for bending:

- One worker is sufficient for bending of AL and PVC profiles up to 60mm in width and there is no need for the second worker involvement
- For the bending of wider PVC profiles and door sashes as well, the help of at least one more worker, who will assist the machine in the bending process, is mandatory.
- AL profiles are bent with the presence of only one worker on the machine.

Terms of sale:

- Warranty: 6 months
- Spare parts: Not included in this offer
- Accessories: 10 steel plates, 18 plastic plates, 2 profile holders, 2 PVC inserts, a wrench for tightening the tools and pneumatic gun for sand compression.
- New tools: It is required to order them according to buyer’s needs.
- Tools prices are set according to the standard pricelist (look at the link “Bending tools”).
- Training for a work on the machine is not included in the final price and it is additionally charged.
- Transport of the machine to buyer's location is not included in the final price.


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