Model XS

Manual bending machine for aluminium and PVC profiles

Technical characteristics of the machine:

  •  Manual machine bends all arch shapes in manual mode MANUAL
  • Manual machine is equipped with potentiometer for regulating the rotation speed of the rollers during the bending process
  • Manual machine is equipped with four buttons used by the operator to control the bending process
  •  Manual machine has a safety STOP switch for immediate abortion of the machine operation
  • Manual machine has an electric cabinet where the regulators of frequency are paced
  • Manual machine is equipped with holders for supporting long profiles
  • Manual machine is equipped with safety cover for securing the dangerous area around the machine
  • Manual machine is equipped with hot air fans turned on by the operator prior to the bending process
  • With manual machine the width and height of the arch during the bending process is measured and controlled by the operator
  • With manual machine the bending process is ended by the operator when the desired dimensions of the arch are achieved.
  • Manual machine requires 30 to 50 m2 area.




  • Minimum bending radius for certain profiles ranges from 150 to 200 mm
  • Bending PVC profiles with steel reinforcement
  • Bending unlimited length of a profile

- Unlimited maximum radius of a bent arch
- Bending aluminium and PVC profiles in all four directions
- Bending profiles with original protective foil
- The automated bending process for one profile on the machine lasts from 7 to 8 minutes
- The preparation process for one profile lasts from 10 to 15 minutes
- The preparation process includes obligatory sand filling of both aluminium and PVC profiles
- PVC profiles bending is performed utilizing hot air fans
- The bending process and the supervision of the process on the machine is carried out by one operator
- Bending PVC profiles with steel reinforcement is possible only with arches with straight parts longer than 250 mm
- Bending PVC profiles without steel reinforcement
- Bending aluminium profiles with and without thermal brake
- Bending aluminium profiles for aluminium-wood systems
- Bending aluminium curtain wall profiles
- Bending coated, anodized, laminated and colored profiles
- Bending profiles with chambers reinforced with glass fibers
- Bending industrial AL and steel profiles, maximum dimensions 80 x 80 mm, wall thickness 4 mm

Technical specifications

Model Manual
Dimensions 1650 x 1100 x 1270 mm
Weight 800 kg
Number of propulsive axles 3
Axle rotation speed 0-35 o/min
Axle diameter 70 mm
Axle height 200 mm
Voltage 3x380V~50 Hz
Electric engine with reductor 1 5,5 KW
Electric engine with reductor 2 2,2 KW
Electric engine with reductor 3 2,2 KW
Warranty 1 year
Country of origin Serbia


  • Shown arch types with two and three radii are bend on this machine model in MANUAL mode only
  • In this mode the operator sets the profile to the initial position using four buttons on the machine.
  • In this mode the bending process is controlled by the operator, using four buttons on the machine, from the beginning until the end.
  • In this mode the operator measures and controls the arch dimensions on the machine during the bending process.
  • In this mode the operator ends the bending process when the desired dimensions of the arch are achieved.



Watch bending process of Aluminium and PVC profiles on Manual machine.



Remote control

  • Remote control serves as a controlling device of the axles on the bending machine.
  • Remote control controls the X rotation movement of the back axles and Y straight movement as well as rotation movement of middle axle on the machine.
  • Remote control has a range of around 50 m.
  • Remote control is very useful because it makes work significantly easier to a machine operator especially in a situation when a long profile is inserted in the tools.
  • Remote control is practical in a situation when after completed bending process bent profile is removed out of the machine.
  • Remote control replaces four green buttons which are located on the control board of the machine.
  • Remote control has a safety STOP button which enables the machine operator to immediately stops the bending process from a safe distance in case of an unforseen or dangerous situation. 

Advantages of the Manual bending machine

  • Manual machine has a unique bending technology for bending aluminium and PVC profiles grounded in the extensive experience of our company in this line of work. The team of our experts transfers the complete knowledge and all necessary information regarding the manual bending process to the buyer.

What separate us from our competition

  • Quality bending aluminium and PVC profiles to extremely small radii, from 200 to 300 mm. We achieve high quality with high precision in tool production and huge experience we acquired in this line of work.
  • Quality bending Aluminium and PVC profiles without damages to the color or anodization layer of the profiles.
  • TIM-ING CENTAR company was the first company in the world to start bending PVC profiles with and without steel reinforcement using bending machine with three rollers back in 1999. Our competition from Germany and Italy started using our invention and bending technology for PVC profiles on their machines with three rollers in 2012 when our old patent expired (patent: WO2004045833 A1).
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