Serbia Radio and Television (RTS) Announces WIPO Award Ceremony


Serbia Radio and Television (RTS) announced the WIPO Award Ceremony at the premises of the Intellectual Property Office in Belgrade.

On November 15, in Belgrade, celebrated the 99th anniversary of the Intellectual Property Office with the presence of numerous government officials, distinguished guests and the media.

In the video, we see the details of this year's World Intellectual Property Organization award ceremony, including the first prize recipient, owner and director of our company, Uros Turanjanin, in the category Inventors or the group of inventors for patents.

Earlier, Uros Turanjanin received an award for a patented invention entitled: "The Application of the 3D cameras to the profile bending process on the bending machine with three and four rollers".
This significant world award was presented by Mr. Vladimir Maric, Director of the Intellectual Property Office.
You can read the full report and news on the RTS website at the following link

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