Officially recognized patent in United States of America


Now it’s official – In accordance with our business strategy, we have acquired patent rights for 3D cameras in United States of America.

Thus, the use of 3D cameras in the bending profiles process on the Bending machine for Aluminium and PVC profiles, at one of the world’s largest (most important) markets has been patented.

The European market is our starting point where the success story of “TIM-ING CENTAR” bending machines started,
but having in mind that our leading goal is growth and development, it can be achieved only if innovations are constantly introduced and the list of markets on which we are active is expanded.

One of our strongest motives is the bending machines for Aluminium and PVC profiles that we produce to be present in as many countries as possible, i.e exports are our main orientation.

Source: TIM-ING Centar d.o.o.


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