CNC system

Installing CNC system provides:

  • Controlling the bending process via the computer which saves, corrects and recommends appropriate correction parameter for bending desired profile depending on the material type, profile shape, and dimensions of the arch NEW
  • Automatic positioning of the profile to the initial position prior to the bending process
  • Additional security for the operator in the area around the machine, since the system is equipped with high precision 3D safety camera which detects each obstacle around the machine and automatically halts the bending process until that obstacle is removed from the danger zone around the machine.NEW PATENT
  • Bending profile using laser device thus achieving symmetry between the left and ride side of the arch.NEW PATENT
  • Position tracking of the profile and the middle roller via encoder during the bending process.
  • Bending one radius in CNC automatic mode where the operator stops the bending process when the desired dimensions of the arch are achieved. CNC AUTOMATIC
  • Bending profiles in CNC automatic mode (This mode requires inserting correction parameter, inserted by the operator prior to the bending process and based on the material, profile shape and arch dimensions. The correctional parameter directly influences parallelity of the arch verticals. The correction parameter is inserted only once for one type of the profile, for each next arch of that type the computer will recommend appropriate correction parameter).

Additional information regarding the NC system:

  • The CNC system installation price includes one day training in the buyer's facilities.
  • The CNC system installation price does not include the transport of the goods to the buyer, nor the custom expenses in the buyer's country
  • The CNC installation price does not include the profiles used during the training
  • The local transportation and accommodation costs for the operators during the training and installation of the CNC system are covered by the buyer.

Shown arch types are bent in mode:

CNC automatic

Nc automatic


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